About Us

Cosy Candles: The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Candles

When looking for candles, you can't forget the company name Cosy Candles. The most stylish candles on the market at prices that won't break the bank. Whether you simply want to relax or work on your novel, we have the perfect candle for you!

We offer various scents to pamper your senses. Some of our best-selling products include Aventus, Lady Million, Pomegranite Noir, English Pear & Freesia just to name a few.


More About Us

Cosy Candles is a small business run by two people, both passionate about candles. We offer our customers a wide range of candle styles, scents, and sizes. 

Our candles are vegan and cruelty-free, and no animals were harmed in making our products. We use only soy wax, which is cleaner and burns longer than paraffin wax. Our fragrances are paraben free, and we do not test on animals. Our packaging is recyclable and eco-friendly.

We manually pour all of our candles with 100% natural soy wax, responsibly sourcing all of the components in the UK. All our candles are elegantly packaged in a gift box for yourself or a loved one.

We also strive to make our products affordable for everyone to enjoy natural candles.


Bottom Line

You might have several cosmetic and beauty products in your home today, but none of them can offer you the benefits of candle aromatherapy. Your home should be filled with the scent of a scented Cosy Candle because it is good for you.